Djun is a Maltese pop group that marries ear friendly hooks with poetic lyrics and an adventurous musicality. The group is made up of Justin Galea (vocals), Joseph “Bibi” Camilleri (drums), Ryen Refalo (guitar), Paul Torpian (keyboards) and Charles Cassar (bass). The band was formed in 2017 and immediately became a favourite of the Maltese alternative rock scene. In 2019 Djun released their debut album “Il-Ħlas”, a collection of songs focusing on theme of time and endings. The album was launched in May 2019 with a very well received live performed at the Malta Society of Arts.

Following the launch of “Il-Ħlas” the band remained active through various performances, including the launch of the single “Ħdejk”, which went viral in April 2020 and inspired scores of reinterpretations by many of Malta’s most prominent artists through a social media “chain post”. The Band is currently recording its next release, which will see the band taking a new and unexpected musical direction.